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Terms and Conditions


Delivery to Chisinau:
• Delivery in Chisinau is carried out from 09:00 to 18:00.
• You can choose the desired delivery time interval.
• The minimum order amount is 350 MDL.
• Free Delivery.
• Before delivery, we will not contact the recipient.
• In case if you specify only the home phone number, or if you do not know shipping address, we call the recipient, represented courier service. Surprise will be saved.
• You can order a bouquet, even if you do not know shipping address.
• Our courier will hand a bouquet with the design, as it was ordered.
• You can add to a bouquet card text with your message - it's free.
• After delivery you will receive a confirmation on e-mail or sms.
• We can take a photo at the moment of delivery, if recipient will give its consent.


Delivery across Moldova:
• Delivery in Moldova is carried out from 11:00 to 18:00.
• You can't choose the desired delivery time interval.
• The minimum order amount is 350 MDL.
• We deliver all over Moldova (1681 localities). More about shipping in a new window
• Before delivery we will contact the recipient to specify a convenient time of delivery.
• You can order a bouquet, even if you do not know shipping address. The main thing to know the town and recipient’s phone number.
• Bouquet will be packed in the original box to avoid deformation and temperature changes.
• You can add to a bouquet card text with your message - it's free.
• After delivery you will receive a confirmation on e-mail or sms.
• We can not take photo at the moment of delivery (just before the delivery).


1.1. The obligatory condition for the provision of Flowers® Moldova Services is the acceptance, compliance and application to the relations of the parties of the requirements and provisions defined by Flowers® Moldova.

2.1. Services are provided only in context of Order.

2.2. The service "creation and delivery of flower arrangement, sale and delivery of related goods" is fully paid by the Buyer on the terms of prepayment.

3.1. The examples of works on the site are exclusively possible versions of the work. Each work produced by Florists is individual and may differ in packaging, appearance, size and other external data. It is also possible to replace by quantity, range and composition of colors and equivalent replacements, depending on seasonality, availability of flowers and other factors. Flowers are seasonal products, and not always any flower is available in the store. Flowers® Moldova cannot guarantee the permanent availability of certain flowers in the store, especially if the Order of the Service is urgent. The final execution of the Service may differ from the illustration on the Flowers® Moldova website on the Internet. Nevertheless, each flower arrangement is made up of fresh flowers just for your Order and Flowers® Moldova makes every effort to ensure that the color, the form of flower arrangement as closely as possible match the illustration on the Flowers® Moldova website.

4.1. The order is executed within 24 hours. Also envisaged urgent delivery within Chisinau within 3 hours after payment of the order.

4.2. At the moment, delivery of flowers and gifts is carried out in all localities of the Republic of Moldova. Flowers delivery is carried out only on condition that order amount is more than 350 lei. If the order is less than this amount, the delivery is not carried out and the order can not be issued.

4.3. When ordering Services with delivery to hotels, campgrounds, etc. The Buyer must indicate the apartment number and name under which the Recipient is registered at the hotel (or several guests, for example: a group, Mr. and Mrs, etc.). The order can be delivered only to the reception center of the hotel (reception desk). When ordering to the hotel, delivery of the Order at the reception desk of the hotel on the specified date is considered as the delivery of the Order, many hotels do not allow delivery services further than the reception desk, the movement of the Order to the Recipient depends on the hotel and the availability of the Recipient in the specified hotel. We are not responsible for late delivery of the order or the impossibility of its delivery due to incorrect, erroneous or incomplete address of the hotel, as well as for the earlier departure of the Beneficiary from the hotel, replacement of the room in the specified hotel and other factors. An order is deemed to be delivered at the time of receipt on the specified date at the reception desk of the hotel indicating the name and number of the Recipient’s room, indicated by the Buyer.

4.4. Delivery accuracy depends on all data you provide about the recipient. Therefore, we ask you to carefully fill in these boxes, and if necessary, in the comments to the order, indicate the specific delivery data (door lock code in the entrance hall, in which department works recipient, if in a large enterprise).

4.5. Each Buyer must specify the exact address of the Recipient. In case of specifying an incorrect address or specifying incomplete data required for delivery, the Recipient’s absence at the specified address during the delivery date, etc., Flowers® Moldova makes sufficient efforts to ensure that the Recipient still receives flowers, but Flowers® Moldova cannot "catch" the Recipient, in his absence at the specified address. The underlying data for the performance of the Service is the Recipient's address. Delivery is considered to be made when delivering flowers to the specified address. If the Recipient has moved, does not live, does not work, on vacation, on a business trip, etc. - The service is considered to be provided.

4.6. If the Recipient refuses to accept flowers for any reason, the Service is deemed to be provided.

4.7. In case of cancellation of the order (more than 1 day), we guarantee the return of funds paid on request.

4.8. If the Recipient, for any reason, is not satisfied with the performance of the order or the quality of the delivered bouquet: please contact no later than 24 hours from the time of delivery, to the support service. Flowers are a perishable product and we cannot offer you a replacement or refund if you do not promptly notify us of this problem. In case of failure to fulfill a timely and paid order due to the fault of the Flowers® Moldova service, the refund is guaranteed in full.

5.1. Flowers® Moldova undertakes to provide the Buyer with the Service "the creation and delivery of a flower arrangement, the sale and delivery of a related product" in accordance with these conditions.

6.1. The Buyer undertakes to independently and reliably fill in all the required fields of the Service order form.

6.2. The Buyer undertakes in the preparation, creation, modification of data for the provision of the Service to comply with all applicable standards and requirements of current legislation. (Examples: do not use profanity in the postcard text, do not use the Service as a bribe, do not use the delivery service employees to penetrate into closed areas and other violations of the law).

6.3. The Buyer undertakes to pay Flowers® Moldova Services in accordance with these conditions.

7.1. Payment for the Services is made by the Buyer in advance payment in the amount of 100% (One hundred percent) of the cost of the selected Services, using any of the methods selected in the section Payment on the site.

8.1.Flowers® Moldova under no circumstances bears any responsibility for: a) any actions / omissions, which are the direct or indirect result of actions / omissions of any third parties; b) any indirect losses and / or loss of profits of the Buyer and / or third parties, regardless of whether the Store could foresee the possibility of such losses or not; c) use (inability to use) and any consequences of the use (inability to use) by the Buyer of his chosen form of payment for the Services

8.2. The cumulative responsibility of Flowers® Moldova for any lawsuit or claim for services or its execution is limited to the amount of payment paid by the buyer to the store.

8.3. Without contradicting the above, Flowers® Moldova is exempt from liability for violation of the conditions for performing services if such violation is caused by the action of force majeure, including: actions of state authorities, fire, flood, earthquake, other natural acts , lack of electricity and / or disruption of the computer network, strikes, civil unrest, riots, any other circumstances, not limited to those that may affect the performance of the store meadow and beyond the control of the store.

9.1. The Buyer bears full responsibility for: a) compliance with all legal requirements, other actions performed by him as a Buyer; b) the accuracy of the information specified by him when registering as a user of the service, and the accuracy of the guarantees and assurances of the buyer.

9.2. In case the Buyer violates these conditions, Flowers® Moldova has the right to suspend the provision of the Service until the Buyer eliminates the violations and reimbursement (compensation) for Flowers® Moldova caused by such violation in full and / or terminate the Service Agreement by sending the relevant notification to the Buyer at Buyer’s mail address specified at checkout.

Refund Policy

If you are not 100% satisfied with your bouquet, within 24 hours from the purchase date, we will fully refund the cost of your order. You can complain by writing on our email, writing to the manager of social page on Facebook, or verbally by phone +37379805806

Privacy Policy

Confidentiality of personal data. The company does not disclose to third parties and does not distribute personal data of users of the site without their consent, except as required by the legislation of the Republic of Moldova.

The amount of personal data processed. On the site, the user can specify the following personal data: name, phone number, email address, country, city, address.

The site uses cookies processing technology (cookies) - these are small text files into which the browser records data from sites visited by the user. This data serves to collect information about the actions of visitors on the site, to improve the quality of its content and capabilities.

At any time, the user can change the parameters in the settings of your browser so that the browser stops saving all cookies, as well as notifies about sending them. In this case, some services and site functions may stop working or work not properly.

The purpose of processing personal data. The purpose of personal data processing is to provide the user with information about the company, advising, concluding an offer contract (by ordering the products offered on the site), executing the concluded offer contract (shipping the products offered on the site).

If a site user simply browses the site, personal data is not processed.